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Other Devices

Phase Multimeter SICO 2074

Phase Multimeter SICO 2074 - two isolated inputs
- displays both AC voltages, frequency, and phase angle at the same time
- high accuracy, waveform independence, immunity to interference
- dual waveform display

Film - the SICO 2074 in operation (

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CLIPLANS SICO 4004 Monitor aided Track Shunt (SIL 4 certificated)

Electronically monitored mobile track shunt for track circuit occupation

- For safe blocking of track sections to protect work teams
- For track sections that are monitored by track circuits
- The CLIPLANS simulates the presence of a train by short circuit

Distributed by VolkerRail SAFAC / The Netherlands

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Adjuster for Train Coupling Coils SICO 1230

Adjuster for Train Coupling Coils SICO 1230 Voltage meter for the adjustment of ZUB-vehicle coupling coils

- Measuring area: 0…250 mV

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