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Tester SICO 2049 for Axle Counter ZP30

Tester SICO 2049 for Axle Counter ZP30 Testing and setting device for detection points ZP 30 and wheel sensor RSL of the Thales Rail Signalling Solutions GmbH.

- The measuring results are saved to memory card.
- Automatic measuring procedure

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Display: LC display with backlighting
Storage: Removable memory card
Memory size: Measured data of 50 detection points
Operating temperature range: -20°C to 55°C
Power supply:
- 2 batteries 1.5 V or rechargeable batteries 1.2 V (Baby/R14)
- sufficient for checking at least 100 detection points
- batteries removable
IP code: IP 54
Dimensions (case with accessories): 210 x 250 x 360 mm


The SICO 2049 is suitable for
- trouble shooting,
- making adjustments, and
- performing check measurements

- axle counter with detection points ZP 30 (ZP 30, ZP 30S, ZP 30C Sk30 / Sk30H, ZP 30C-NT, ZP 30H, ZP 30K 24V / 120V, ZP 30CA-2) and
- wheel sensor RSL.

All measurements can be performed in accordance with the log sheet for detection points ZP 30 or wheel sensor RSL with SK30 rail contact.

The measurements are saved to a memory card with the respective detection point number.

After copying the data to a PC with the aid of a card reader, all results (measured data, detection point numbers, temperature) are stored in tabular form. This ensures access to as well as transparency and documentation of all data. Statistical evaluations are also possible.

The SICO 2049 compares the data measured by the detection points with the specified maximum ratings and directly identifies whether settings have to be changed.

The SICO 2049 is designed for ease of use without requiring a long training period.

The user is guided through the entire test with the aid of menus and texts.

The control and display panel is equipped with a 4-button membrane keyboard and an illuminated display.

The SICO 2049 is connected with the 48-pin front connector of the electronic module by means of a measurement adapter with diagnostic plug and cable sets.

Selectable from the menu, the measurements can be carried out manually or automatically.

Quick & easy testing of detection points …

The SICO 2049 tester thoroughly simplifies the test sequence so far performed using common diagnostic kits. After connecting the tester to the electronic module provided in the junction box (EAK) the user may perform the test following the instructions displayed on the screen. The tester switches over automatically to the next test point according to the test program indicating all measurements performed in each step. If a measured value is found beyond the permissible limit, a signal will be given to the user. All measurements from each test will be saved in tabular form for the log sheets.

Providing Numerous Advantages …

- Universal application with axle counters
+ ZP 30,
+ ZP 30S,
+ ZP 30C Sk30 / Sk30H,
+ ZP 30C-NT,
+ ZP 30H,
+ ZP 30K 24V / 120V,
+ ZP 30CA-2, and
+ Lorenz wheel sensor
by test point selection via menu, special plug and cable sets

- Measured values are saved to an interchangeable memory card similar to that of a digital camera (top left picture: plug-in memory card on the back side)

- Measured values are saved in tabular form as tab-separated tables. Hence, data files can be opened via PC using table calculator software (e.g. MS Excel).

- Transmitting voltages are no longer measured by help of test prods but with special connector plugs enabling automated test sequences.

- Any test will be discontinued in case of values found beyond the permissible limits. The test can be continued only if so confirmed by the user. All values measured after user’s confirmation to continue will automatically be marked “F” in the log sheets.

- Much time can be saved thanks to optimised test sequences. The drop-in gauge
now needs to be placed on each of the two track contacts once only.

- Detection point numbers can be entered via PC, prior to the test. Hence, it is no longer necessary to spend much time entering data on the test site as it was using GMP 900 magnetic track examination equipment. Individual detection points to be tested can be selected quickly via “Up” and “Down” keys. The tester also allows direct input.

- The user is guided through the entire test with the aid of menus and texts.

- Graphic LCD display and backlight

… And Convenience

- Testing the adjustable voltages MESSAB and PEGUE the display will change to the new window „Adjust“ should the magnitudes of these voltages be found beyond the permissible limits. Then individual voltages can be adjusted via potentiometers or transmitter heads. Speciality: The voltages to be adjusted are displayed too. The test can be continued after such adjustments if so confirmed by the user. Measured values are saved prior and after each adjustment and also for the log sheets. This way the user will “recall“ that the respective value has been adjusted.

- Adjustment mode appropriate for measuring quickly the received voltage MESSAB and monitoring voltage PEGUE

- Manual mode suitable for troubleshooting

- Query of LED status and saving in the log sheets

- Saved measurements can also be viewed via the tester's display.

- Limit values can be altered without SICO 2049 software updates. The limit values are stored by SICO 2049 in a separate file. This file with altered limit values can be “brought in“ to SICO 2049 using its memory card. A file with altered limit values may as well be sent to the user by e-mail via e.g. Signal Concept.

- Measurements are taken directly from the measurement adapter at the EAK service plug as this avoids interference from cables.

- Temperature measurement

- Automatic shutdown after operating breaks of six minutes and suppression function preventing shutoff after five minutes

- Power supply by customary batteries or accumulators

- Storage of date / time / counter type / tester's name / temperature

- Indication of last calibration / temperature / battery capacity


- Tester for Axle Counter ZP 30
- Measurement adapter
- EAK-Adapter Plug
- Dummy wheel
- Cable set 1 (for screw terminals) connecting EAK 30, EAK 30S, EAK 30C, RSL
- Cable set 2 (for slot terminal) connecting EAK 30C-NT, EAK 30CA-2, EAK 30H EAK 30K
- 1 set Adapter sockets for Cable set 2
- Cable set 3 (for test prods) connecting EAK 30C-NT, EAK 30CA-2, EAK 30H EAK 30K
- 1 set 2mm test prods for Cable set 3 (red & black)
- Memory card
- Card reader USB
- 2 Rechargeable batteries (type C)
- Toolkit
- Transport case
- Manual
- Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according BS EN 10204

Optional accessories

- Adapter socket black (suitable and certified for permanent use in EAK)
- Adapter socket red

product documents

- Manual SICO 2049