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Founded in July 1993

- 1995 Sale of the Phase Angle Meter PSM 100, a start-up and testing device for LF track circuits of SpDr L30 and SpDr L60 types
- 1998 Market launch of the tester range SICO 121, useful for the start-up and testing of audio frequent track circuits
- 2000 Enlargement to the tester range SICO 1214, devices for the start-up and testing of FMX 2-line control units (SbL 60) and axle counter Sk 11 type SEL, of audio frequent track circuits without insulated joints GEC ALSTOM JADE, of type FME L (GLL) 20/80 from Alcatel SEL AG, for track circuits GLS / FTGS and track circuits with 25 / 42 / 50 / 77 / 100 / 106,7 Hz as well as axle counters AZS
- 2006 Launch of the Tester SICO 2049 for Thales Axle Counter ZP 30
- 2008 Introduction of the CLIPLANS SICO 4004, an electronically monitored mobile track shunt for track circuit occupation
- 2011 Market launch of the Insulated Rail Joint Tester SICO 2046
- 2014 Further development of the Electronic Stethoscopes ISKO 1205 and ISKO 1218/1219 to the Insulation Fault Locator SICO 3017 ISKO
- 2015 Improvement of PEGA 1211 to Service unit for Siemens audio frequency track circuits and axle counters SICO 2056 PEGA
- 2017 Selective Multimeter SICO 2061 KS is introduced combining the whole range of track circuit frequencies used all over the world in one meter
- Market launch of the Phase Multimeter SICO 2074

- 1993 to 2004: Station building Markkleeberg-Großstädteln (near Leipzig)
- Since 2004: New company building in the industrial area Wachau (near Leipzig)
Despite numerous renovations and enlargements for the research and development department (R&D), the space in the formerly rented building had become insufficient. Therefore, a new building was established in the industrial area Markkleeberg-Wachau. It meets all requirements concerning modern R&D work places and enlargement of the manufacturing capacity, up-to-date test labs included.