SICO 4004

Monitor aided Track Shunt (SIL 4 certificated)

Electronically monitored mobile track shunt for track circuit occupation

- For safe blocking of track sections to protect work teams
- For track sections that are monitored by track circuits
- The CLIPLANS simulates the presence of a train by short circuit

Distributed by VolkerRail SAFAC / The Netherlands


Typical shunt impedance: < 20 mOhm
Sustained short-circuit current: generated 20 A (at frequencies up to 100 Hz)
Power supply: Li-Ion battery, type SB-L110 or equivalent
Continuous operating time: minimum 52 hours at 0°C
Operating temperature: -25°C to 60°C
IP code: IP 54
Safety Integrity Level: SIL 4
Weight incl. battery: approx. 3 kg


Simple protection against train passages …

CLIPLANS SICO 4004 protects track workers on track construction or maintenance worksites against regular train passages. It functions as an additional safety guard, but is not meant to be a substitute for the watchman, since there may be worksite vehicles moving along the track section. The track shunt can be used for simulating occupancy of track sections monitored by track circuits. After connecting the contact pincer clamps to both rails, CLIPLANS generates a short circuit to simulate train passages in track sections with track circuits. The integrated CLIPLANS electronic monitoring system indicates sufficiently low shunt impedance of the occupancy signal of the DC circuit. Shunt status and proper functioning of the device are indicated by means of two LED.

with numerous advantages …

- Extremely low weight (3 kg)

- Extraordinarily long operating time after battery recharge (at least 52 hours)

- You can also charge the storage battery in your car

- Very high current carrying capacity

- Shunt cable for universal application at any rail gauge

- Suitable for all track circuit types, inclusive of high-voltage pulse generating DC circuits
(e.g. PSSSL from the Netherlands)

- No separate functional self-test has to be carried out prior to using the device. An automatic
self-test takes place when connecting the pincer clamps to the rails.

- High safety standard ensured by
+ a Signal Concept-patented short-circuit system
+ cyclic safety checks of electronics and software
+ malfunction signal

- No ON/OFF switch. Self-activation upon installation of the contact pincer clamps and self-
deactivation after their removal.

- Several CLIPLANS may be installed on tracks at an arbitrary spacing

… and practical features

- Low weight ensures convenient carriage; also small size compact bags are available

- Pincer clamps can be locked to prevent CLIPLANS removal from the track

- Quick and easy pincer clamp connection to the rail foot (picture)

- High-luminosity LED signal, visible from a large distance

- LED signal luminosity adapts to surrounding luminosity

- Battery charge condition signal upon start-up

- Extremely robust contact pincer clamps and control unit (monitoring electronics, picture); step-resistant control unit housing and cables

- Easy maintenance and calibration

- Cost effective


- Accumulator Li-Ion
- Manual
- Transport case
- Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according BS EN 10204

Optional accessories

- Battery charger (catalogue no. 100930)
- Contact tip changing tool (catalogue no. 100933)


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The Netherlands
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Fax: +31 570-688 801

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