SICO 5007

The Charger SICO 5007 is used to exclusively charge Lithium-Ion accumulators of the type PA-LH201.K01.R001.

A diode glowing in different colours indicates the status of the charging cycle.

This product is recommended accessory for the following devices:
- Tester for Insulated Rail Joints SICO 2046,
- Service unit SICO 2056 PEGA, and
- Selective Multimeter SICO 2061 KS


Mains voltage
- 90 ... 264 VAC
- 47 … 63 Hz

Suitable battery type: Lithium-Ion, type PA-LH201.K01.R001

Storage temperature: -25 … 85°C

Operation temperature: -25 … 40°C

Protection degree: IP40

Protection class: II

Dimensions Battery box: 105 x 27 x 27 mm

Length cable: 1600 mm

Weight: 220 g


- Charger SICO 5007
- Manual
- Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according BS EN 10204

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