Insulation Resistance Measuring Instrument IMG 500

IMG 500

Device to measure the insulation resistance in cable systems and current circuits in DC or AC nets


Measuring voltage: 500 V DC
Measuring area: 0...20 MOhm
Display: Moving-coil instrument, KI 1.5, scale division in MOhm
Dimensions: 160 x 200 x 90 mm
Weight: < 1.8 kg
Power supply: 6 LR 6 Alkaline-batteries, access to battery compartment from the outside, automatic disconnection during missing operation action
Operating temperature range: 0 ... + 40 °C
Protection classification: III (low voltage)


- The IMG 500 is used to determine the DC insulation resistance of cables, circuits, and systems.

- By compensation of external voltage and impact voltages, the IMG 500 permits the efficient test at laid cables and to systems in which neighbor branches are in operation. Compared to other suppliers of insulation resistance meters, the influence of disturbing external voltages is reduced. If external DC voltage should influence the measurement disturbingly, these can be compensated. Disturbing external AC voltages are minimized by a LC lowpass filter.

With the measuring DC of 500 V, the test specifications for level crossing securing systems, level crossing supervisory systems and on external supervisory systems are fulfilled.

The insulation measuring device is built up in an insulated manner for measurements on systems which are under operating voltages or susceptibility impact voltages. The device is protected against AC voltages up to 1.0 kV.

Few controls guarantee a simple handling.

Applications are:
- Test of the core insulation resistance of cables
- Test of the insulation resistance of electric circuits
- Test of the insulation resistance of systems


- Tester IMG 500
- 12 Batteries, size AA (Mignon)
- 2 Insulated measuring lines, type MLB, red + black
- 2 Insulated measuring crocodile clips, type MKK, red + black
- 1 Test prod, type MSP
- 1 transport case
- Operating manual

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