Short to Earth Measuring Instrument

EMG 98-2 / 750 V

Device to measure the earth transition resistance and insulation resistance in safety systems


Measuring voltage: 100 V DC
Measuring range: 0...1 MOhm
Display: instrument with rotating bobbin, Kl 1.5; scale division in kOhm
Dimensions: 160 x 200 x 90 mm
Weight: < 1.8 kg
Power supply: 6 batteries 1.5 V, R 6
Operating temperature range: 0 ... + 40 °C
Protection class: II (protective insulation)


The short to earth measuring instrument EMG 98-2 / 750 V was designed for the determination of the continuous current-earth transfer resistance of plants and current circuits in DC nets (12 V to 136 V) and AC nets (230 V).

The device is provided with a protective insulation and performs measurements on plants that are under operational or influential voltage. The appliance is protected against alternate current values that can go up to 1.2 kV.

Only a few operational elements guarantee a simple handling.

It replaces the Insulation Tester Dr/Sp/Dr and the Short to Earth Measuring Instrument according to the drawing number 6389.411-0001.

Application example: test of the insulation resistance between the relay rack and earth, regulation table and earth, battery and earth, and test of the cable insulation resistances (freeness of cable terminals and terminal short circuits from earth).


- Tester EMG 98-2 / 750V
- Transport case
- 6 Batteries, size AA
- 2 Measuring lines, type MLB (red and black)
- 2 Clip terminals, type MKK (red and black)
- Manual

Optional accessories

- Crocodile measuring clamps, type MKK (red and black)
- Test probe, type MPS (red)

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