Phase Multimeter

SICO 2074

- two isolated inputs
- displays both AC voltages, frequency, and phase angle at the same time
- high accuracy, waveform independence, immunity to interference
- dual waveform display

Application videos
- Measurement on a vane relay type WSSB and
- Measurement on a Siemens vane relay


Measuring ranges:
- Voltage: up to 300V~ with wave form report
- Phase angle: -180.0° .. +180.0° or 0.0° .. 360°
- Frequency range for voltage and phase angle measurements: 25 Hz .. 10 kHz
Input resistance: 1 MOhm
Connections: 4mm safety sockets
Protection class: II
Overvoltage category: III
IP code: IP 54
Operating temperature range: -20 °C .. +70 °C
Power supply: 3 batteries / rechargeable batteries size AA
Dimension: 92 x 172 x 39 mm
Weight with batteries: approx. 375g


The Phase Multimeter SICO 2074 combines two AC voltage meters, a frequency meter, and a phase meter in a firm and lightweight housing.
The phase measurement refers to the fundamental components (Sinus form) of both AC voltages.
Thanks to an elaborate meter technology convenience and safety are perfectly combined.

Overview of the features

  • two independent but simultaneously working AC voltage meters

  • both inputs are entirely electrically isolated

  • highest protection against contact (even electrically isolated battery box)

  • simultaneous display of voltage, frequency, and phase angle

  • convenient wave form report for both channels

  • frequency range up to 10000 Hz, voltage up to 300V

  • to choose from ±180° or 360° display

  • large illuminated LC display

  • extra high wave form tolerance and immunity against interference by the use of virtual selective reference (vsr) phase measurement

  • sturdy housing, which is resistant to environmental influences

  • universal accessory for further connections

Note for users in the field of railway signalling and safety systems:

The Phase Multimeter SICO 2074 is used for the testing and start-up of track circuits with phase evaluation up to 10 kHz (i.e. two layer and three layer motor-driven relays, and valve track circuit relays).

It replaces the Phase Angle Meter PSM 100 and the Phase Angle Tester PWP 1000.


- SICO 2074 Phase Multimeter
- 4 measuring cables
- 2 safety test probes
- 2 clip terminals KLEPS 2600
- 3 batteries, size AA (Mignon)
- SICO 2074 Transport case
- SICO 2074 Manual
- SICO 2074 Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according DIN EN 10204

Optional accessories

- Casing with strap and set-up function
- Set of crocodile clips, 30mm
- SICO 2074 Z1 Adapter for vane relay type Siemens
- SICO 2074 Z2 Adapter for vane relay type WSSB
- SICO 2074 Z3 Adapter for valve track circuit relay
- SICO 2074 Z4 Adapter to connect SICO 2074 to interlocking type STW SP Dr L 30

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