Rail Clip Contact

SZ 1103

For quick and reliable contact with rails

The rail clip contacts are excellent for axle resistance measurement / dropout tests on track circuits

This product is recommended accessory for the following devices:


Length of connecting line: 900 mm
Connecting line resistance: < 9 mOhm
Operating temperature range: -30°C ... +70°C
Weight: 520g


Rail clip contact SZ 1103 permits the quick and safe connection of electrical testing instruments to rails.

Rail clip contact is excellent for axle resistance measurement / dropout tests on track circuits.

It can be installed on any exposed rail profile.

Rail clip contact is installed on the rail foot without any tools.

A specially shaped contact tip is pressed to the rail foot at constant high pressure. This ensures reliable contact despite thick rust on the rail and during normal train service.

Rail clip contact can optionally be connected via integrated lead with 4 mm plug.

On request, the rail clip contacts is available with built-in isolating capacitor (to isolate the traction current portion up to 60 Hz).

Normally, 2 units of SZ 1103 are needed to connect testing equipment to the rail.


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