Service unit for Siemens track circuits and axle counters


Tester for Siemens type track circuits and axle counter


Input resistance: >/= 1 MOhm
- 4 mm safety sockets
- 8 pole socket on front
Power supply:
- 1 accumulator Li-Ion type PA-LH201.K01.R001 or
- 3 batteries / accumulators size AA
Protection class: II
IP code display unit: IP 54
Operating time: > 8 hours (at 20°C)
Operating temperature range: -40°C … +70°C
(when operating the device at less than - 20°C a doubling of the given accuracy is permissible)
Storage temperature range: -40°C … +70°C
Permissible maximum input voltage:
- 300 Veff (4mm socket)
- 100 Veff (8 pole socket)
Voltage resistance to conducting parts of housing: 2.5 kV
Dimensions with handle: 170 x 145 x 155 mm
Weight with accumulators: max.1.5 kg


The Service unit for Siemens audio frequency track circuits and axle counters SICO 2056 PEGA (V25591-Z1-A43) is suitable for
- Adjustments,
- Inspection, and
- Acceptance tests
on audio frequency track circuits of the following types:
- FTGS 46,
- FTGS 917,
- GLS 9/15, and
as well as on axle counters of the following types
- ZP43 E/M and
- ZP70 E/M.

The connection to the counting points is realized by the corresponding counting point adapters.

It replaces the former Tester V25921-Z1-A19 (PEGA 1211).

Automatic inspection of axle counters:
The measurement on axle counters can also be realized automatically. The measured values are listed fast and without any errors. SICO 2056 PEGA realizes all required measurements for the chosen axle counter and compares the measuring results with the limit values stored in the device. In case a measuring result exceeds the limit values, the automatic mode is interrupted and the measuring result is displayed accompanied by a note.

Storing the measured results:
At the end of the automatic measuring mode at the axle counter all measured values can be stored in a protocol in the FLASH memory.

Data entry on PC:
Prior to axle counter measurements the files with the axle counter names can be entered on a computer and afterwards transferred to the SICO 2056 PEGA with the data cable USB.

Recording mode for measuring results:
Measuring results can be stored automatically in a scheduled period in defined intervals.

Used as multimeter to measure:
- Voltage AC (mains alternating voltage),
- Voltage DC (direct voltage) or
- Frequency

Selective and broad-band alternating voltage and direct voltage measurements

High selectivity against interfering signals

Displays immediately the measured result

Menu operated

Large, excellent illuminated display

Universal power supply


- Service unit for AF-TC and AC SICO 2056 PEGA
- Counting point adapter ZP43 E/M
- Connecting cable 4 mm, blue, 100 cm
- Connecting cable 4 mm, red, 100 cm
- Adapter cable, 2 mm to 4 mm, blue, 60 cm
- Adapter cable, 2 mm to 4 mm, red, 60 cm
- Reducing plug, 4 mm to 2.3 mm
- Accumulator Li-Ion PA-LH201.K01.R001
- Charger SICO 5007 for Lithium-Ion cells type PA-LH201.K01.R001, manual included
- Transport case
- Manual
- Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to BS EN 10204
- Data cable USB

Optional accessories

- Set for measurements in rails with FTGS / GLS (distributed by Siemens AG)
- Counting Point Adapter ZP 70 E/M (distributed by Siemens AG)
- Data cable RS232 (distributed by Signal Concept GmbH)


Siemens AG
Infrastructure & Cities Sector
Postfach 3327

Siemens order number: V25591-Z1-A43

SICO 2056 PEGA Counting point adapter ZP43E/M
Siemens order number: L25010-A2-L736

SICO 2056 PEGA Counting point adapter ZP70E/M
Siemens order number: L25010-A2-L741

SICO 2056 PEGA Data cable USB
Siemens order number: L25010-A2-L740

Set for measurements in rails with FTGS / GLS
Siemens order number: L25010-A2-L737

product documents

Distributed by Signal Concept GmbH:
- Rail clip contact SZ 1103

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