Tester for Siemens vane relays

SICO 1225 GS3

- Testing of two and three layer vane relays by Siemens
- Trailing factor test


Test and measuring

  • Trailing factor and decay time

  • Auxiliary phase voltage and auxiliary phase current

  • Limited attraction voltage of the track phase

  • Limited attraction current of the track phase

  • Limited trailing voltage of the track phase

  • Limited trailing current of the track phase

  • Contact testing

  • Trailing factor at different positions of the motor axis with automatic axis rotation and storage of the minimum of the measured trailing factors

    Display: LCD
    Operating temperature range: 0°C ... 40°C
    Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
    Power: 25 W
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 280 x 140 x 240 mm
    Weight: 4 kg


    • The SICO 1225 GS3 is suitable for testing Siemens two-layer and three-layer vane relays.

    • Fully automatic measurement procedure with LCD indication of the trailing factor, the decay time (alarm message in case it is >280ms) and measuring results.

    • Exclusion of subjective measuring errors.

    • Simple handling with 3-key operation.

    • Detection function of two-layer and three-layer vane relays.

    • Selects the number of measurements by the age of the vane relay

    • Compact for the mobile use.


    - Tester SICO 1225 GS3
    - 1 Tool bag
    - Cable for motor-driven relay
    - Sensor cable
    - Net cable
    - Manual
    - Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according BS EN 10204

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