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From SICO 1214-... to SICO 2061 KS

From SICO 1214-... to SICO 2061 KS For almost 20 years we produced the tester SICO 1214-... with its huge range of subcategories for the maintenance of track circuits of almost all leading manufacturers. Well-known to the user were the grey cubes with the corresponding current loops. We grabbed the chance to revise the whole tester range and to unite the different track circuit types in one meter. Every tester comes with the permanent frequencies of the low frequency track circuits. The frequencies of more track circuit types can be ordered individually in modules, depending on the customer's needs. Also, we changed from grey to yellow, since the new bright colour of the Selective Multimeter SICO 2061 KS is better seen in the track. Furthermore, new functions facilitate the user's work. Thus, beside a well-arranged menu, there is the possibility to record and store measuring results in a scheduled period of intervalls and finally to transfer the results via the provided USB data cable to a PC.

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One device - many applications

One device - many applications Introduced at InnoTrans 2014 our Insulation Fault Locator SICO 3017 ISKO has now found its users. It combines the former Electronic Stethoscopes ISKO 1205 and ISKO 1218/1219. With its compact dimensions, reliable signal tracking and convenient operation this new device perfectly suits for fault location in tracks.

Used All Over the World

Used All Over the World Since several years now we have been selling the contactless working Insulated rail joint tester SICO 2046. It became a useful device for customers all over the world. The quick testing of a completely installed insulated joint is a big economical and temporal benefit of this reliable tester.

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Still positive customer response to SICO 2049

Still positive customer response to SICO 2049 The Tester SICO 2049 for Axle Counter ZP 30 by Thales still receives extraordinary customer response not only on the international market.

This tester will make a believer out of you with its automatic test sequence, limit monitoring and measured value storage on an interchangeable memory card. We improved the limit values monitoring, which now can be adapted to the local requirements by the user itself.
CLIPLANS SICO 4004 The CLIPLANS SICO 4004 protects track workers on track construction or maintenance worksites against regular train passages by occupying track circuits. It is an alternative to the self-signalling ZKL 1204 short-circuit lance used for years and other well-known techniques.

CLIPLANS SICO 4004 is particularly convenient to use and robust while being very practical and low-weight. Its operating time is in excess of all previously known techniques. CLIPLANS is practically service-free and costs within one life-cycle are extraordinarily low.

CLIPLANS SICO 4004 was specially engineered for the Dutch market on behalf of VolkerRail R&D b.v.
Approved by Eisenbahn-Bundesamt and Deutsche Bahn AG
Approved by Eisenbahn-Bundesamt and Deutsche Bahn AG The Service unit for Siemens audio frequency track circuits and axle counters SICO 2056 PEGA replaces the former PEGA 1211.

The device is approved by the German railway authority Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (EBA) and Deutsche Bahn AG.

For a quote, please contact Siemens AG / Industry Sector-Mobility Devision in Braunschweig, Germany.
Phase Multimeter SICO 2074
Our new Phase Multimeter SICO 2074 is resistant against interferences and handles every waveform easily. Phase Multimeter SICO 2074